Who We Are




Prety is currently a third-year law student at O.P Jindal Global University. She is a content writer, editor and researcher exploring the intersections of social justice, education and media literacy. Her area of interest particularly lies in International Refugee Law and Protection. Through this Blo​g, she envisions to produce content that is engaging, meaningful and impactful to the readers. 


Senior Editor

Amaan is a third-year student of Jindal Global Law School. When he is not boring his company with his theories of corporate conspiracies, he can be found indulging in reading left-inclined opinion pieces and any oversimplified law book he can get his hands on. Deeply inspired by a need to change the status quo and as a member of the Human Rights Society, Amaan hopes to make the campus a more politicized space that pays greater attention to the conventionally neglected strata of society. 



Senior Editor

Ila is a fifth-year law student and is pursuing B.A. L.L.B. at Jindal Global Law School. Her academic interests lie in the human rights concerns of the oppressed in armed conflicts and national liberation movements. Through the HRS Blog, she wishes to effectively engage and enlighten the readers with human rights crises and violations that persist in our society. The aim is to allow human rights issues to permeate through our everyday conversations and create mass awareness, without which no amount of humanitarian activism can constructively bring change. 


Senior Editor

Param is a third-year law student at O.P Jindal Global University. He enjoys writing blog pieces especially on topics relating to mental health and, occasionally, pieces of fiction. As a member of the HRS, he wishes to create more awareness about mental health and its intersection with Human Rights.



Senior Editor

Armed with an endless list of book recommendations and an even longer to be-read list, Ranjani Kidambi, a second-year student at Jindal Global Law School, is a passionate bibliophile with a particular interest in LGBTQ+ and disability rights. With an eye for details and a desire to be an asset to every team she finds herself in, she carries out her work as Senior Editor at the JGU HRS Blog with the view of both engaging with and enhancing the papers she edits.


Senior Editor

Sadhana is a fourth-year law student pursuing BBA LLB at Jindal Global Law School. She is a content writer, researcher and maker of bad puns. She is particularly interested in viewing Human Rights through a Marxist lens and studying the human rights violations inherent in a capitalist system. She sees the HRS blog as a way to put out absorbing, accurate, and above all, accessible content.



Senior Editor

Yashas is a third-year law student at Jindal Global Law School. His areas of research include ADR, Comparative Constitutional Law, Public Policy, Post Colonial Conflict Theory and the Intersection of Law with Technology and Gender. He also enjoys debating, playing the Mridangam (a South Indian percussion instrument) and making the perfect sandwich.


Junior Editor

Ishita is currently pursuing her BA LLB (Hons) as a second-year student at JGLS. She is an avid reader and will read just about anything she can get her hands on. She is extremely passionate about International law, gender equality as well as queer representation and inclusivity. Through the HRS Blog, she hopes to steer and engage in meaningful conversations about these topics.

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Junior Editor

Kieran is a second-year law student at Jindal Global Law School pursuing a BA LLB. He is a recovering grammar nazi who loves reading, writing and good aesthetics. He is passionately committed to upholding human rights, with a special focus on ensuring economic justice. He looks forward to learning new things every day—preferably over a cup of chai.


Junior Editor

Paritoshika is a second-year law student at Jindal Global Law School. Although she is exploring different areas of law, currently she is interested in human rights law, criminal law and feminist literature. She likes cycling, reading and traveling.



Junior Editor

Currently pursuing BA LLB (Hons) at JGLS, Tharika has a fervent passion for Human rights, Aviation law, Gender Studies and examining the law through feministic lens. Apart from her academic interests, she is also a raging feminist, a strong advocate for mental health and enjoys researching and content writing. (P.S. Biriyani is the way to her heart and she will not forgive anyone who calls veg pulao, 'biriyani').


Junior Editor

Vanshika Tandon is a third-year law student at Jindal Global Law School who is pursuing her BA LLB (Hons). She carries a passion for human rights, especially minority rights, as she tends to perceive policy loopholes through an intersectional lens. Despite her over-commitment to research and reading, she aims to encapsulate the importance of humanitarian laws through the HRS blog.